Deschutes Roofing, an award-winning roofing contractor in Oregon, announced the opening of its new office in Eugene. This new venture aims to meet the escalating demand for roofing contractors in Eugene and the surrounding areas, offering residents and businesses access to Deschutes' services.

A Significant Move to Meet Eugene's Regional Roofing Needs

Carlos Simpson, owner of Deschutes Roofing, expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion in a news release, saying the company's infrastructure needs are growing alongside its business. The company boasts accolades including "Top Rated Local Award for Roofing Contractors in Eugene, Oregon" and "Oregon Business Magazine's Pacesetter Award."

"With this new office, we can provide more immediate, personalized service to meet the community's unique challenges and needs," Simpson said. "Our awards and recognition have humbled us, but it's all about serving the community. That's our ultimate reward."

The Eugene office will offer a full range of services, including residential roofing, commercial roofing, and emergency roof repairs. With Oregon's weather being particularly unpredictable, Deschutes Roofing said it aims to provide timely solutions that can withstand the test of time.

"We can handle many roofing needs from standard residential projects to custom green roofing. We also offer comprehensive roofing assessments and consultations, positioning ourselves as educational partners to our clients, not just service providers," Simpson said.

Investing in the Community Beyond Business

Deschutes Roofing Company has a strong ethos of giving back to the community. The company is involved in various local outreach programs and plans to extend them through its Eugene office.

"We believe that being part of a community means more than just doing business there. We intend to be active members of the Eugene community, supporting local events and initiatives that make this a great place to live and work," said Simpson.

Simpson says the new location embodies the company's commitment to excellence, not just as roofing contractors but as community members.

"We don't intend to rest on our laurels," said Simpson. "We are continually looking to innovate and improve. Our Eugene office will serve as a point of service and a hub for research and development in sustainable roofing solutions."