Kojo, a materials and inventory management platform for the construction industry, announced the launch of Kojo Tool Tracking to help customers keep track of their tool and equipment inventory across their jobs.

“A solution to help trade contractors keep track of their broad inventory of tools is by far our most requested feature,” said Maria Davidson, CEO and founder of Kojo. “Managing valuable quantities of tools and equipment for large teams is painful and rife with inefficiency, leading to higher costs and frequent project delays. Not having a digital chain of ownership can lead to theft and breakage. With the addition of Tool Tracking, we’re solving this major pain point for our customers.” 

Kojo - In body image.pngAccording to the National Equipment Register, equipment theft costs the construction industry between $300 million to $1 billion per year. With the addition of Tool Tracking, Kojo provides field, warehouse, and purchasing teams clear visibility into a tool’s condition, location, and current assignee. It is a simple and intuitive way for trade contractors to manage and protect one of the company’s most valuable assets.

Key features of the new solution include:

  • A dashboard for the warehouse to manage tools;
  • Check-in and check-out functionality;
  • The ability to add and view tool details, including pictures;
  • Managing the tool lifecycle with service, damaged, lost, and stolen statuses
  • Clear visibility of where a tool is and the current job/assignee
  • History of the tool’s lifecycle and usage
  • Easy field requesting tools    

Kojo continues to innovate and add new features to help make trade contractors' lives easier. Last March, Kojo added Automated Invoice Matching to help streamline accounting processes. Kojo also announced its official entrance into the Mechanical market last June. 

The company said it has now powered more than 10,000 construction projects across 47 states, saving customers 75% of the manual entry they previously had to do, reducing materials waste on job sites by up to 90%. 

For more information, visit usekojo.com.