The PVC roofs atop the Orland Park Sportsplex in Orland Park, IL, had seen better days. Since 2002, the three separate structures had protected local families as they stayed in shape rock climbing; playing basketball, volleyball, and pickleball; lifting weights; taking fitness classes, and much more. But by 2022, weather had taken its toll, and all three roofs needed to be replaced.

The sports-friendly infrastructure of the 560-square multilevel complex presented a unique challenge. That is, it had been engineered with a noise-reflecting acoustic metal deck. That meant the new roofing could not use traditional fasteners, a limitation that ruled out most restoration options.

Solaris Roofing Solutions, from nearby Elburn, IL, proposed a creative solution to extend the roof’s service life by an additional 20 years without a tear-off. Using two coats of GAF Unisil High Solids Silicone Roof Coating above a layer of GAF Multi-Purpose Primer, Solaris created a new seamless silicone membrane that protects against weather, UV, and leaks. As a silicone solution, it’s also particularly effective against ponding water. Importantly, the liquid-applied system meant no fasteners would puncture the sophisticated acoustical roof deck. 

GAF offers a complete line of coatings solutions, including premium acrylics, silicone, accessories, liquid-applied flashings, sealants, primers, and cleaners. Of course, choosing the right coating is just the start. To make sure crews have the skills and labor-saving techniques they need to get the job done right, GAF offers live demos or on-site, on-demand, or remote training in all of its coatings solutions.

Featured Materials

GAF Unisil High Solids Silicone Coating
A high-solids, moisture-cure silicone coating that provides protection against weather elements, UV rays, and leaks due to ponding water for a variety of substrates.

GAF Multi-Purpose Primer
Two-component, water-based epoxy primer