JobNimbus, a CRM software company for roofing contractors, has partnered with Wisetack, a leading pay-over-time platform, for in-person services to provide transparent, consumer-friendly financing options to Americans.

According to a news release, contractors on the JobNimbus platform are now able to better support their customers by providing access to attractive financing options, with terms up to 60-months for those who qualify.

Contractors can quickly text a financing application to a customer at any point in their sales process. The customer provides simple information and, in under a minute, can see and select from up to six options. JobNimbus says the process is seamless for contractors and their team as well — there is no need for paperwork or handling sensitive customer information.

"We operate with a clear objective: empower our contractors to be heroes in the eyes of their customers," said Ben Hodson, CEO and co-founder of JobNimbus. "When families decide to repair their homes, it is often a stressful time, both emotionally and financially. Our job is to give our contractors the tools needed to alleviate these pressures and enhance the overall experience – and to do so quickly for solo contractors and large franchises alike. This is why we partnered with Wisetack. They're able to quickly onboard our contractors no matter the size of their operation."

Wisetack allows roofing contractors to focus on their expertise, without missing out on potential sales. The pay-over-time platform is touted as being:

  • User Friendly: It’s easy to start, and Wisetack offers personal training and dedicated resources to help contractors integrate Wisetack into their sales process. Customers can check their options right from their own phone, in under a minute.
  • Transparent: With Wisetack, contractors can confidently offer this option to their customers because there are flexible monthly payment options, no hidden fees, and no impact on credit score to check eligibility.

“By partnering with JobNimbus, we’re able to support roofing businesses across the country,” said Bobby Tzekin, CEO and founder of Wisetack. “We recognize that running a roofing business is hard, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. Given our track record of helping merchants sell at least one additional job per week, we’re excited to see similar growth with JobNimbus contractors this year.”

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