Add Strength And Resiliency To Your Roofs

Even small punctures can create big problems for your flat-top commercial roofs. Foot traffic, dropped tools and weather are often the culprits. A roof that gets pummeled by a hailstorm can mean costly repairs. A roof that gets punctured during construction can throw everything off schedule. Find out what you can do to protect your roofing system.

Several factors influence the design and construction of roofs, especially a region’s climate. For example, in 2022, hailstorm-insured losses in the U.S. exceeded $10 billion for the fifteenth year in a row. Hail and the rising threat of severe weather events have made it more important than ever to specify materials that add strength and resiliency to your roofing systems. Get a closer look at how hail can attack your commercial roof assemblies—and see how you can prevent it from happening. Watch the latest video on hail-resistant roofing from Georgia-Pacific, the innovator of DensDeck® Roof Board.

Think twice before you value engineer gypsum roof board out of roofing specs. While alternative solutions may seem attractive upfront, gypsum boards help prevent puncture damage—so your crews stay busy working on new jobs instead of dealing with costly callbacks to recently completed ones. Stand by your gypsum roof board specification to improve your building’s resiliency, protect the owner’s investment and reinforce your reputation for long-lasting, durable roof systems. Visit for more information and to talk it out.