A roofing crew working on a home outside of Boston accidentally ignited a fire at a home in the suburb of Milford, about 30 miles southeast of Worcester, on June 26, as first reported by CBS affiliate WBZ late that day.

Reports from the scene say that neighbors returned home to find streets near Willow Road in Milford, Mass., a suburb of Boston, blocked off with acrid smoke billowing from beyond the trees.   

"Chaos. Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars from all different towns, really," one neighbor told WBZ.

It was reported that Fire Chief Mark Nelson said the accidental fire was caused by a “roofing project” sometime before 4 p.m. on Monday.

"We arrived, and most of the roof was involved in fire. It was also in the attic," Nelson said. "Fortunately, the homeowner was taken out by the construction crew that was on site, so there were no injuries."

Reports said the homeowner’s son, who was home at the time, was taken to the hospital as a “precaution,” but was expected to be discharged and back with his family soon. WBZ reports that a nascent online fundraiser is coalescing to help the family.