Amidst the family get-togethers, vacations and barbecues, it’s important to remember the meaning of Memorial Day – honoring military personnel who lost their lives serving in the armed forces. One industry that doesn’t forget this is roofing.

Year after year, roofing companies do their part to honor those in the military past and present. This includes thanking veterans by ensuring their homes are protected from the elements. Below are some examples of roofing contractors honoring military veterans over the past month through life-changing donations.

A&M Premier Roofing & Construction Donates Roof to Disabled Vet

Raleigh, N.C.-based A&M Premier Roofing & Construction, a veteran-owned roofing company, is providing a roof to the first recipient of its Free Roofing Program.

According to the Johnson County Report, A&M Roofing revealed it is donating a new roof to Victor Vaccaro, 75, of Clayton, N.C., on May 17. Vaccaro, an Army veteran, moved to the area in 2015 after battling cancer and other health issues, and was an active volunteer prior to his health concerns.

A&M Premier will provide a new roof in the coming weeks and will cover 100% of the materials and labor costs. Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply and GAF are partners in the project.

“I served 11 years in the Marine Corp, and I’m dedicated to hiring and helping veterans in any way I can,” A&M Co-founder Stephen Mull says in a video on the company's website.

The program will donate a roof to a deserving veteran once a quarter to those who submit a nomination to their company website.

Monarch Roofing Provides New Roof Through ‘Roof for Troops’ Program

A&M Roofing wasn’t the only North Carolina roofing contractor providing free roofs. Monarch Roofing, through its “Roof for Troops” program, awarded a new roof to James Peach, a 20-year Navy veteran. Peach was chosen from dozens of applicants.

“The feedback has always been ‘there’s always someone that’s more deserving than me,'” Monarch Roofing representative Megan McCarthy told ABC- and CBS- affiliated WWAY. “That’s furthest from the truth. All of them are deserving.”

Monarch Roofing intends on continuing its annual program to continue giving deserving veterans a roof for their homes.

Georgia Veteran Receives Roof from Model City Roofing

In a story from CBS-affiliated WJAX-TV, Model City Roofing partnered with roofing manufacturer Owens Corning’s Roof Deployment Project to donate a roof to Holly Summerset, an Army veteran who returned home to Kingsland, Ga., after nine years in the Army.

According to the report, Summerset had her home for nearly 20 years and never had any roof repairs. Fixing the roof would’ve cost her $10,000, but Model City Roofing decided to lend a hand.

“The homeowner here Holly and our partners at Owens Corning and Purple Hearts Homes, we’re coming together to give her a new roof on her house and just wanted to give back for everything she’s given to the community,” Model City Roofing President Chris Canipe told WJAX.

This is the fourth home Model City Roofing has helped this year through Owens Corning’s national program.

Fortified Roofing & Siding Thanks Missouri Veteran with New Roof

After receiving a heartfelt letter from a veteran who served in both the Army and Navy, Fortified Roofing & Siding in Columbia, Mo. Knew it had to help.

CBS-affiliated KRCG reports how veteran Chris Waterfield wrote a letter to apply for the roofing company’s free roof program, implemented through the Owens Corning Roof Deployment project. He then received a call from Megan Herzing, co-owner of Fortified Roofing, saying he was chosen out of 66 applications to receive a new roof free of charge.

“We started the veteran roof program with Owens Corning and Purple Heart Homes two years ago and we're glad to say that it's been a huge hit for us to be able to provide,” Herzing told KRCG. “We didn’t realize how many people were in need.”

Michigan Vet Receives New Roof Thanks to Story Roofing Company, Inc.

Story Roofing Company, Inc. took part in the Owns Corning Roof Deployment Project to ensure U.S. Army veteran Darrell Hurd’s home could withstand Michigan’s notoriously unpredictable weather.

The Alpena Times reports that Hurd has lived in Hillman, Mich., for more than 22 years. Veteran Affairs Representative Michael Burzynski approached him about Owens Corning’s project and he agreed to participate. In this case, Story Roofing Company, out of Gaylord, Mich., partnered with the roofing manufacturer as well as Habitat for Humanity to provide the roof free of charge.

“What we do is pair veterans that need roofs with our platinum contractors, Story Roofing being the local one,” Casey Harris, a senior sales manager at Owens Corning, told the Alpena Times.

Since its inception in 2016, the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project has provided more than 400 veterans with new roofs.