This year has been tough in many respects, but some people have been hit harder than others. Glen "Bud" Mendel, 94, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is one of those individuals, being one of the many whose home was damaged due to the Aug. 10 derecho.

According to ABC-affiliated KCRG, Mendel, a World War II veteran, had a tree go through his roof during the intense storm. He said he was running around the home with buckets to catch water, and was still waiting to learn how much his insurance would cover. That's when Schulze Enterprises stepped in.

“We are all empathetic by nature, we all possess some sort of a means to help someone else using our time, talents, resources as people,” Rion Schulze, owner of Schulze Enterprises, told KCRG.

Schulze Enterprises learned of Mendel's woes and provided him with a new roof free of charge, making sure the veteran's home was safe and dry.

“We should take care of our veterans, we should do everything we can to can to help our veterans out," Schulze said. “You have to pay those people back somehow for their services.”

Roofing contractors around the country share Schulze's sentiment, as seen through their numerous efforts to thank veterans during the week of Veterans Day. Below are just a couple examples of the contractors who recently gave back.

Lon Smith Roofing Donates Roof to Vietnam Veteran

Lon Smith Roofing in the Dallas/Forth Worth area announced it will donate a roof to Russell Sanders, an elderly Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, through its Roofs for Vets program.

"No veteran should have a bedroom that leaks water," said Lon Smith Vice President Shawn Michael. "Mr. Sanders served our country with great courage in Vietnam. And we are proud to honor him by building him a new roof at absolutely no charge."

Sanders served on the USS Neches from 1969-70.  He was awarded the Defense Medal, the Vietnam Medal and the Combat Medal. Lon Smith Roofing began its Roof for Vets program roughly five years ago as a way to give back to local veterans. The program solicits nominations from the public.

Illinois Veteran Receives Roof from River City Roofing

NBC-affiliated WEEK shared the story of River City Roofing celebrating Veterans Day by donating a roof to Creve Coeur, Ill. resident Philip Edward Smith, a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Smith told WEEK that he was unable to make the essential repairs needed for his roof, and had to cover it with a tarp. River City Roofing has provided a local veteran with a free roof for the past four years as a way of giving back, and was glad to help Smith out.

"What's going through my mind is I have an awesome God. I've never had a Veterans Day like this before, let's put it that way," Smith told WEEK.