With the latest data showing roofing-related fatalities up by 20%, it’s critical to ensure roofing contractors are safe while working at heights.

In this important video, Tammy Clark of Tammy K. Clark Companies takes viewers on-site at a residential roofing job in Chicago to discuss harness safety. With the help of actual roofers, Clark walks through safety tips on inspecting a fall harness to ensure it’s being used properly, including fitting and storing it.

“If you’re not wearing your fall protection properly, you can still fall and … hit the ground,” she said. “I’ve done those inspections where people have been wearing their harness, and they have too much rope length, or things haven’t been adjusted properly.”

Clark notes some of the specific problem areas to keep an eye out for when using a harness. For instance, when a chest strap isn’t working correctly, it can loosen shoulder straps during the day, which can lead to dangerous situations.

“We’ve had guys when they’ve fallen with a chest strap either missing or too low, swan dive right out of them and hit the ground,” Clark said.

In 2021, nearly one in five workplace deaths occurred in the construction industry, and just over a third were due to falls, slips and trips. Almost every incident was a fall to a lower level. With OSHA implementing a National Emphasis Program to prevent falls in the workplace at the beginning of May, having proper safety equipment is essential for saving lives and avoiding costly fines.

Watch the full video here.