Roofing contractors can always do a better job of protecting the parts of their business that drive their success, whether that be a leading salesperson, engaging marketing strategy or internal workflow process. Add intellectual property to the list, said RC Legal Insights expert Trent Cotney in this latest Legal Insights video. 

Cotney, of Adams and Reese, explained that trademarks, patents and other legal documentation is often overlooked by roofers that don’t quite understand the importance of staying vigilant with their own intellectual property. That can include the company’s name, logo, slogan, and business processes, when applicable. He recounted a recent call from a contractor that forgot to renew his annual corporate information for his business license. Another contractor swept in and began using it to generate business, creating quite a legal mess for the initial roofer. He did not formally trademark his business name with the state or federal authorities.  

“The process can be a little lengthy, and detailed, but it makes your argument a lot stronger if you do have one,” Cotney said in this brief episode.

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