WernerCo., an industry leader in ladders and manufacturer of climbing products and fall protection equipment, recently announced a partnership with the American Ladder Institute for Ladder Safety Month.

The annual event takes place every March to raise awareness of ladder safety, aiming to decrease injuries and fatalities caused by ladder misuse. Ladder-related injuries are frequent and can be prevented through ongoing training and consistent safety precautions for those working at height.

“We feel strongly about the importance of consistent hands-on ladder safety training for end-users,” Christine Moran, product manager for WernerCo, said in a statement. “This year we are proud to sponsor and host a webinar designed to help professionals and homeowners stay safe. We know that safety can often be sacrificed because of time constraints and jobsite pressures, but ladder injuries are preventable if you think before you climb.”

Safety-Themed Webinar

In conjunction with the American Ladder Institute, Werner will host a 60-minute webinar on Wednesday, March 15, focused on “Innovation Around Ladder Safety,” presented by Christine Moran. Interested participants can register here

Ladder Safety Month activities will also focus on weekly safety themes throughout March, including:

  • Week One: Choosing Your Ladder
  • Week Two: Safety Before the First Step (Inspection and Set Up)
  • Week Three: Safety While Climbing
  • Week Four: Safety at the Top

Users can find more information here to participate in any of these weekly events.

Safety Training Resources and Certifications

Creating an environment of safety can help prevent injuries on the job for all professionals and their co-workers. By encouraging proactive behavior, everyone on the worksite can make a conscious effort to create changes that lead to safer outcomes.

Throughout the year, Werner is promoting ladder safety awareness through a variety of in-person and online training courses and resources. Participants can learn through scheduling onsite safety training to accessing a suite of free Ladder Safety Courses that offer certification. 

In addition, several valuable resources are available free for download, including the comprehensive Climbing Pro Guidebook and Ladder Inspection Form to ensure there are no damaged or missing parts before each use. 

Even if the user has taken all precautions to select the right ladder for the job, safety can be compromised if the ladder isn’t properly inspected before climbing. Werner invites both professionals and homeowners to participate in Ladder Safety Month by signing up for a free Safety Training or Product demo, taking a Free Online Course or sharing ladder safety tips through social media using #LadderSafetyMonth.

For more information about Ladder Safety month, please visit laddersafetymonth.com