Everyone knows how to use a ladder, right? Sadly, this isn’t always the case. More than 160 ladder deaths accounted for on-the-job fatalities in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That same year, BLS recorded 22,710 ladder-related workplace injuries, a statistic that has remained relatively constant over the previous several years.

Not only are these accidents tragic, they can create trouble for you and your company. With ladder safety claiming a spot on OSHA’s Top 10 Citations List, it’s imperative to take the subject seriously. In this video, RC Publisher Jill Bloom speaks with Tammy Clark of Tammy K. Clark Companies, an occupational and environmental health and safety professional, about ladder safety.

“It’s very important that employees are trained on how to properly set up a ladder,” said Clark. “OSHA’s really good at spotting from a distance an improper ladder angle.”

What are the most important things that people need to know about ladder safety? These are the top issues Clark sees:

  • Improper ladder set up
  • Not having the side-rails of the ladder extending a minimum of 3 feet
  • Improper use of ladders, such as overreaching, using the wrong type of ladder, etc.

Watch the full video here, or visit our podcast page and download it to listen on the go.