Owens Corning's new packaging for flat-packed, plastic wrapped shingles and shingle components is designed to make it easy for installers to access product details and instructions. 

In January 2023, product installation instructions were relocated from the printed poly-wrap package to a user-friendly interactive website accessible 24/7 by anyone with a smart device. Not only does each package list a web address to access instructions by computer or tablet, they also feature a new QR code at the top and bottom of the poly-wrap package that makes it easy to access installation instructions. Interactive access allows installation instructions to remain intact and unwrinkled after the packaging is opened. Installers can use a smart phone, computer, or tablet to quickly access the specific information they need for proper product installation.

“Contractors’ desire to provide their teams with digital resources was really apparent during the pandemic,” said Angie Grosjean, marketing manager at Owens Corning. “Adding a QR to the shingle packaging puts installation instructions at the installer’s fingertips.”

Instructions are available in both English and Spanish in the U.S., as well as in English, Spanish, and French for Canadian packaging.

Subtle changes to the look of the packaging are also part of the modernized packaging. For example, the Pink Panther is receiving a bigger “stage” on the packaging. 

“Contractors that make note of the Pink Panther in their in-home selling tell us it is an easy way to engage the homeowner in the conversation and helps align the contractor’s business with a much-liked brand icon,” said Grosjean. 

Other packaging modifications include more prominent callouts for attributes associated with different products such as Patent SureNail Technology, algae resistance, warranty protection, and Class 4 impact resistance. Packaging features the American flag icon denoting shingle products made in the USA.

Owens Corning is maintaining its PINK™ color scheme on shingle packaging, with color bars denoting specific product lines, such as a black bar for TruDefinition® Duration® shingles and a red color bar for the TruDefinition® Oakridge® product line. The spines of packaging remain the same, supporting easy location in the supply house.

“Owens Corning believes that great looking shingles deserve great looking packaging,” said Grosjean. “These enhancements benefit not just the look of the package, but also support contractors’ teams with a more efficient means of accessing installation instructions.”