SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Tavant, one of Silicon Valley's leading digital products and solutions companies, has successfully implemented an end-to-end guarantee management solution for GAF, a Standard Industries company and one of the largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturers in North America. This joint initiative enhanced GAF’s guarantee registration-through-issuance processes in order to drive significant improvements in GAF’s external and internal guarantee management experiences.

“GAF is committed to ensuring that our commercial roofing customers receive the highest quality service,” said David Merson, senior director contractor and technical services, GAF. “The new solution, powered by Tavant Warranty, truly unites GAF’s commercial stakeholders under one roof to provide a seamless customer experience, which is critical to continue delivering our best-in-class service and becoming a leader in the commercial roofing industry.”

GAF had outgrown its legacy guarantee system and needed something more robust that could handle not only today's volume but also expected growth in the coming years. GAF performed a comprehensive overhaul of its guarantee process on a global scale, selecting Tavant for its excellent balance of proven open-box and configurable solutions. By utilizing Tavant Warranty, GAF significantly reduced the duration of the guarantee issuance time frame and enhanced the overall customer experience.

The next-gen warranty management solution, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, enables closed-loop warranty management. Tavant's fully integrated, user-friendly, flexible and scalable warranty management system allows manufacturers to handle claims and guarantee issuance accurately and consistently while reducing processing time. It helps manufacturers simplify their warranty process by giving them a unified solution for managing the claim and guarantee issuance lifecycles in an agile environment.

"We are delighted at the successful launch of GAF’s new solution,” said Sridhar Garla, Tavant Warranty’s head of product engineering. “We are enabling GAF business users to discover new and valuable business insights with Tavant Warranty. The solution will help them increase process efficiency by reducing manual effort in guarantee issuance processing, resulting in shorter turnaround times and increased productivity. Our goal is to give our customers a dynamic, 360-degree view of warranty management operations, allowing them to improve service quality and operational efficiency.”