The Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I) and ASTM International are making it easier for manufacturers to let consumers know their products are meeting proper codes and standards.

In 2021, the RIMA-I joined with ASTM International and their certification team at SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) to manage the RIMA-I voluntary product Verification Program. The program verifies reflective products meet ASTM standards and codes. Once a product has been approved, the verified product will bear the ASTM/RIMA-I Verification mark, along with a unique code identifying each product’s country, company and product category.

RIMA-I Final Logo Sample

The committee that oversees this program recently enhanced the benefits even more with the addition of individual test reports for each verified product. These one-page summary reports are provided to the verified member annually and can be given to consumers, contractors, building officials, etc., so they can purchase with confidence knowing the product has been properly tested as verified by RIMA-I, ASTM International and SEI. 

Each report includes the verified company, the name of the product tested, an expiration period for verification as well as a brief overview of what verification is, information on annual surveillance of verified products, and a table showing the required tests for the product along with a description of what each test is for. It concludes with an official confirmation that the product was tested by an accredited laboratory and meets the standards for verification along with contact information for RIMA-I, ASTM International and SEI.

For information on how to become verified, contact Anna Seiple with SEI at or RIMA International at