IKEA announced on Thursday that it is teaming up with SunPower to offer solar solutions to homeowners in the United States.

Members of the IKEA Family customer loyalty program will be able to purchase home solar solutions, available through SunPower. Dubbed Home Solar, the program is expected to launch in select California markets in Fall 2022.

“At IKEA, we’re passionate about helping our customers live a more sustainable life at home. We’re proud to collaborate with SunPower to bring this service to the U.S. and enable our customers to make individual choices aimed at reducing their overall climate footprint,” said Javier Quiñones, CEO and chief sustainability officer, IKEA U.S., in a release. “The launch of Home Solar with IKEA will allow more people to take greater control of their energy needs, and our goal is to offer the clean energy service at additional IKEA locations in the future.”

SunPower has been in the solar industry for more than 35 years. SunPower’s systems are backed by the company’s Complete Confidence Warranty, which covers everything from panels and racking to monitoring hardware and storage.

“We are thrilled to deliver exceptional solar products to IKEA customers through a unique and simplified buying experience,” said Peter Faricy, SunPower CEO. “Together with IKEA, we can help introduce the incredible benefits of solar to more people and deliver on our shared value of making a positive impact on the planet.”

According to an analysis from Freedonia Group, solar roofing will expand “at a robust rate” over the next few years due to California’s adoption of building codes requiring solar in newly built and significantly renovated structures. Proposed changes to rules affecting net energy metering in California may affect this projection.

California has roughly 40% of the nation's residential solar energy capacity as of last year, according to the California Public Utilities Commission.