Wisconsin-based Quality Roofing Inc. (QRI) is celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of its employees, demonstrating the fulfilling careers the roofing industry can offer.

David Peters is celebrating 10 years with the company on April 23. Peters is a Central Wisconsin native who worked in residential construction throughout high school and college before joining QRI as a project coordinator in 2012. He holds a Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point.

"I had construction experience and the job at Quality Roofing seemed like something I'd be able to grow in," said Peters, now a project manager.

A decade later, he is still enjoying his work and is proud of projects like Lambeau Field and University of Wisconsin system buildings.

"Lambeau Field, it was just neat being there," he said. "And various UW projects, getting to go on different campuses, that was fun."

Peters said he enjoys seeing a completed building and knowing that he was a part of making that happen.

"From the beginning budget stage to the bidding, to actually ordering the material to the construction process and the closeout process of going into the building for the first time, it's very rewarding seeing it all come together," he said. "It's fun driving with family or friends and being able to point to a project I worked on."

He added that there are many rewarding aspects to his career, but he especially enjoys seeing a project through and knowing that hard work and sweat equity went into building something.

"You can look at it and be proud," he said. "It's a growing company that has a lot of strong workers. It's like a family. Everybody helps each other out and it allows people to feel like the people they work with care about them."

Quality Roofing owners Mark and Pat Begotka said Peters has continually upped his game working with crews and caring for customers.

"David wears a lot of hats for QRI and performs all with great care," the Begotkas said in a joint statement. "David has taken to heart our mission of teaching work skills and a trade to new hires who need a second chance. We appreciate working with him. More importantly, our customers appreciate working with him as well."

Peters has enjoyed witnessing his coworkers grow alongside him and looks forward to seeing innovative design and materials make their way to Central Wisconsin in the coming years.

"We get kids fresh out of high school and they come from not knowing the name of all the tools to being capable foremen," he said. "I look forward to more years of growth at Quality Roofing."

Quality Roofing serves all of Wisconsin, with locations in Menomonie and Marshfield.