Six leading roofing contractors in California are among those offering GAF Energy's recently launched Timberline Solar, a solar roof system that incorporates roofing materials into a clean energy-generating system.

This new system incorporates the world's first nailable solar shingle, the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™, which has received three awards from CES 2022 — including its highest honor, the Best of Innovation Award, in the "Smart Cities" category. The product is assembled domestically at GAF Energy's U.S. manufacturing and research facility in California.

The roofing contractors now offering the product in California include:

Westshore Roofing, San Jose 

“Introducing Timberline Solar creates local jobs, supports residents in saving money on their electricity bills, and provides clean energy in California’s communities to power our homes while doing right for the environment,” said Paul Fowler, owner of Westshore Roofing.

Wedge Roofing, North Bay

“California is already a leader in clean energy and solar roofs consistently deliver on the energy we need,” said Gary Harvey, general manager at Wedge Roofing. “Timberline Solar from GAF Energy propels homeowners — and the state — forward on the momentum already building in California as residents reap the benefits of harnessing solar power.” 

Nushake Roofing, Central Valley

"Across the Central Valley, we see people every day who want to contribute to our country's energy independence,” said Cecil McLlain, manager at Nushake Roofing. “Adding a cost-effective solar roof pays for itself by maximizing the full potential of the solar energy our region is known for while supporting a reliable, affordable energy portfolio."

Chandlers Roofing, Los Angeles

“We’re honored to be the first in Los Angeles to introduce the very best solar roofing technology available today,” said Chandler’s Roofing partner and president, Trevor Leeds. “The Timberline Solar shingle is already changing our industry and reshaping what the public imagines when they dream of installing a solar roof.”

The Roof Masters, San Diego (Southern California)

“Our company focuses on creating a happier and healthier environment for all,” said Rosa Verdugo, co-owner of The Roof Masters. “We strongly believe that happy customers come from installing a roof homeowners know, trust, and can depend on for the lifetime of the roof. They get all of those reassurances and more from GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar Energy Shingle.”

McCormack Roofing, Orange County and Los Angeles County

“Integrated solar is the future of roofing,” said Caitlin Marroquin, president of McCormack Roofing. “GAF Energy's Timberline Solar is an industry-changing solution that enables us to bring a significant amount of value to homeowners, while helping to decrease their carbon footprint.”