Tim Newman founded his roofing company, Newman Roofing, in 1992 as a means for providing for his family. But like his family, Newman’s company has grown as the years passed.

“I never imagined that the company would grow to what it has become today,” he said. “We have built a solid foundation for Newman Roofing based on the principles of quality, character, and integrity.”

With the company celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Newman Roofing is showing no signs of slowing down – the next generation of Newmans has joined the industry, its new facility is near completion and the company is expanding into the growing solar industry.

roofingNewman said he has enjoyed his partnerships with CertainTeed and Beacon Building Products, and has taken cues from prominent residential roofing contractors like Kelly Roofing in Florida and Victors Roofing in Michigan on improving his own company.

Caring for Family and Customers

Newman first entered the industry as an installer working for his father’s roofing crew as a teenager. He ventured out on his own at the age of 22 to start his own company with two goals in mind: support his family and take good care of customers.

Having worked in the industry, Newman saw a need for an honest company in the Ohio market. He said insurance fraud and manipulation of information being provided to homeowners are some of the key challenges to overcome, so his mission revolves around being truthful and doing the right thing no matter the cost.

“We consistently deliver quality workmanship at a fair price,” he said. “Our customers are confident in knowing that we are in their corner to educate them on the work being done and will take care of them should an issue arise in the future.”

Much like how the phrase “location, location, location” speaks to the three things that matter for property, Newman said the top things that help his company build a stellar reputation are “customer service, customer service, and customer service.”

“From the moment that a customer calls our company to the moment when the job is complete, we strive to provide good communication and an excellent customer experience,” he said. “Our mission here at Newman Roofing is simple, it is not to tell you that we are the best, it is to prove that we are the best.”

That proof is evident for all to see. Newman Roofing’s Better Business Bureau ranking is a solid A+, and maintains a 4.9 out of 5 star ranking from 183 customer reviews on the site. It’s been accredited since 1995, and as of January 2022, there have been zero customer complaints filed.

Having the right employees is certainly a boon for top-notch customer service. Newman subscribes to the philosophy of taking care of employees who then take care of the business. The company provides healthcare and 401(k) benefits along with bonuses, luncheons and holiday gifts. In return, workers are always expanding their knowledge and skillsets, training during Ohio’s annual 10 to 12 weeks of freezing weather. Quality workmanship is assured through a system of checks and balances along with quarterly training for the production team.

“When you are surrounded by people with good character and positive attitudes, then it creates a more enjoyable work environment,” he said.

Among the people with good character surrounding Newman are his family. In 2011, his wife joined the company as its chief financial officer. Their two older daughters, Alyssa and Alexis, recently joined as well, making them the third generation to enter the roofing industry. They have jumped right in, including becoming members of National Women in Roofing. Newman said he hopes their third daughter, Autumn, will join the industry after college.

“The best experience was being able to bring my daughters into the company. It is special getting to see my daughters help grow the company that I started almost 30 years ago. We are excited to see what the future holds for Newman Roofing,” Newman said.

Celebrating 30 Years

In its 30 years, Newman Roofing has seen some ups and downs, but Newman said the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic were among the worst experiences. Between the worry of becoming ill to the uncertainty of the economic impact, the Newman Roofing team hunkered down and worked through it.

“We had to create some separation in procedures and changes to work proximities to keep our employees, their families, and our customers safe,” he said. “Our company continuously updated our policies to follow CDC guidelines and recommendations. We also provided employees additional paid time off for COVID-19.”

Newman Roofing will celebrate its 30th anniversary in March by moving into a new 28,000 square-foot facility. It will have state-of-the-art accommodations for its workers, such as a workout facility, and allow for continued growth — including its entry into solar roofing.

Starting this year, Newman Roofing will be installing Tesla Solar Roofs. The roofing system uses glass tiles with solar cells embedded within, meaning the roof not only protects the home but generates energy to power it.

“Tesla Solar Roofs will allow us to showcase our company’s attention to detail and dedication to the use of quality materials,” Newman said. “The solar roof system also allows us to join the efforts of making the environment more sustainable.”

Aside from the company’s dedication to its customers, collaboration has been a key to its success. Newman said he has enjoyed his partnerships with CertainTeed and Beacon Building Products, and has taken cues from prominent residential roofing contractors like Kelly Roofing in Florida and Victors Roofing in Michigan on improving his own company.

When asked what roofing contractors can to do see their own 30th anniversaries, Newman said it’s about under-promising and over-delivering.

“We often exceed expectations when it comes to our quality workmanship and customer service. We never agree to complete work that we don’t feel that we could do to the best of our ability. Every member of our team works hard to ensure that every customer is happy, no matter the cost,” Newman said.