SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — In a strategic move to initiate its online sales efforts, Restoration Builders Inc. announced today it has completed an asset purchase agreement for the acquisition of Palazzo Restoration LLC, headquartered in Carmel, Ind.

Tim Rimedio founded Palazzo Restoration in 2012 with the intent to build an evolved and streamlined roofing company that offered homeowners a modern approach to replacing their roof. Initially, the company focused on guiding homeowners through the insurance claim process to repair or replace their residential roof. After hearing homeowners request an easier and faster experience, Rimedio partnered with some long-time business associates and began building a new way of communicating with customers. They created a unique process for purchasing a roof, one that could be completed online using a computer and internet service.

Palazzo Roofing abandoned the traditional in-home sales model typically used in the roofing replacement industry and began to exclusively provide an online sales experience. The company has successfully completed sales agreements for hundreds of roof replacement jobs utilizing web-based consultation and design over the past three years.

"The online consultation takes about 30 minutes," said Rimedio. "Our roofing consultants meet with the homeowner online, assess the job requirements using sophisticated imaging software and walk the homeowner through our selections of high-quality roofing materials. When the homeowner is happy with the design, we complete the required documents, take payment and schedule the installation date — all online. The materials and a production crew show up to install a durable and beautiful new roof. Our customers really appreciate how quick, convenient and easy the whole process is."

Restoration Builders intends to expand the online sales experience to additional geographic territories beginning the fourth quarter of 2021. The company currently has operations in 22 states.

"I am truly excited to welcome the Palazzo Restoration group to our team," said John Lorenz, Restoration Builders chairman and CEO. "Tim is an innovator in the truest sense of the word, with a deep background in both sales management and technology development within insurance restoration industry. He will be a tremendous asset to Restoration Builder's customer-centric growth initiatives and our mission to modernize how homeowners purchase a roof."