PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Rep. Mikie Sherrill toured the facilities of one of Morris County’s largest employers, GAF, to highlight their ground-breaking work and discuss her recently introduced legislation, the Revamping Appropriate Incentives for Solar Energy for (RAISE) the Roof Act, which would expand the solar investment tax credit (ITC) to include integrated solar roofs like the ones manufactured by GAF Energy.

“I was thrilled to be able to highlight the RAISE the Roof Act today, alongside the GAF and GAF Energy teams who are helping New Jersey remain a leader in the clean energy economy,” said Sherrill. “One of our biggest challenges in confronting the climate crisis is making clean energy technologies more accessible for families and businesses."

RAISE the Roof removes some of the financial barriers and modernizes the current tax credit law to keep up with the advancements seen in solar. GAF and GAF Energy have helped drive many of these advancements, such as with GAF Energy's roof integrated solar. Sherrill visited GAF's headquarters in Parsippany, NJ to learn more about how GAF and GAF Energy are innovating the solar industry.

“It was an honor to host Congresswoman Sherrill at our headquarters today to show her how our research and development are leading the industry forward in new and exciting ways,” said Jim Schnepper, CEO, GAF. “We are thinking beyond traditional manufacturing processes and roofing materials to develop new offerings including integrated solar, recycled asphalt shingles, and non-asphaltic materials, and we are excited to have a great champion like Rep. Sherrill who is committed to helping our industry bring that innovation forward to customers.”

Only traditional, large-scale solar panels currently qualify for the ITC and innovations like solar integrated roofing products are not covered. This gap in the tax code makes it hard for manufacturers to accurately price the installation of a solar integrated roof for consumers and forces roofers and homeowners to delineate what part of a highly integrated job would apply for the credit. Along with adding integrated solar, the bill would allow consumers to expense roof repairs and replacements that are sometimes necessary for solar installation.

GAF Energy uses a product from Solaria, an American company, to create all-black solar products. The solar is integrated into the roof, is low profile, and because it integrates into an asphalt shingle roof, it blends into the home’s aesthetic.

“I’m incredibly proud to have joined Representative Sherrill today to discuss paths forward in American clean energy manufacturing and job creation,” said Martin DeBono, president of GAF Energy. “For too long rooftop solar policy has ignored the roof. Now, with the RAISE the Roof Act, Rep. Sherrill has introduced a bill that would remedy that problem. It’s the type of smart policy that will unleash innovation in the sector. Passing RAISE would support thousands of jobs here in New Jersey and across the country, help consumers, and propel us to a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

As chair of the House Science, Space, and Technology’s Environment Subcommittee, Sherrill is an advocate for the development of clean energy. Last month, she convened a roundtable with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and local environmental business leaders, including Schnepper, to discuss the RAISE the Roof Act, the future of New Jersey’s clean energy economy, and the attending businesses’ contributions to this effort.