TACOMA, Wash. — Proving not all roofing requirements are the same, PABCO Roofing manufactures a broad line of asphalt shingles to meet the unique needs of homeowners throughout the Western U.S. From the ultra-wet Pacific Northwest, to the arid climates of West Texas, PABCO Roofing Products deliver high-quality shingles that provide the protection and performance homes in distinct regions require.

PABCO Roofing meets all Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) roofing-industry standards. The company tests raw materials as they arrive at its Tacoma, Wash. plant and samples random shingles as they are manufactured. PABCO Roofing's on-site lab also conducts unique tests to ensure its asphalt shingles exceed industry standards by adhering to a strict quality regimen for water resistance, color consistency, and other key performance and aesthetic factors.

"Along with serving as an essential protective layer, the roof covering is also one of the most visible aspects of your home," said Gerry Kilian, director, sales and marketing, PABCO Roofing Products. "These two very different but very important factors impact every decision we make in the design and manufacturing processes at PABCO Roofing. For example, we manufacture high-quality shingles at three distinct price points to give customers great options at any budget, and we also ensure our shingles cover a full square so contractors can accurately estimate their shingle requirements for any job."

PABCO Roofing's warranty policy leads the industry at 15 years non-prorated, which is 50% longer than standard industry policies. The company's warranty is also transferable, providing ongoing protection to homeowners purchasing a house with a PABCO roof that's less than 15 years old.

Unique PABCO Roofing technologies and designs include Premier Solar Reflective Shingles, Algae Defender, Cascade Signature Cut Shingles, and Paramount Signature Cut Shingles.

Visit www.pabcoroofing.com for more information.