Attendees are invited to stop by S-5! Booth #3023 to see first-hand its new WindClamp2X™, designed to increase wind resistance for metal roofing. 

The new WindClamp2X, as with all of S-5!’s WindClamps, are small aluminum clamps placed over the roof’s seam at designated intervals to prevent male-to-female seam separation and/or seam separation from the roof’s mounting clip. WindClamps increase — often double — wind resistance, a cost-compelling alternative for new and retrofit construction.

Attaching these simple, yet highly-tested clamps to a roof’s seams have proven to dramatically improve wind uplift performance for more than 25 years. This clamp-to-seam technology has been a highly cost-effective solution to preserve rooftops in some geographic regions and/or roof “zones” with increased probability of extreme wind uplift conditions.

"The magic is not in a generic ‘seam clamp,’ or in a seam clamp that ‘fits okay’ or ‘fits’ multiple seam profiles," said S-5! CEO and Founder Rob Haddock. "The magic is in knowing how to design a seam clamp for this purpose and for a specific panel profile."

Haddock will be on-hand to explain the features and benefits of this technology. For more information, visit