Roofs are often the most underappreciated and overlooked feature of a home – that is, until it’s leaking or damaged. That’s when homeowners or businesses scramble to seek out the professionals.

That is why the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) once again held National Roofing Week as a way to stress the significance and value of roofing contractors. The annual celebration helps remind people that roofs are the first line of defense against the elements and encourages them to engage with professional roofers to make informed decisions about their roof systems. It's especially poignant to celebrate roofing as the country slowly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, which deemed roofing as an essential business.

The week is also an opportunity for roofing companies to showcase how they go above and beyond for their communities, whether it’s donating to charities or providing time and labor for community service, and to recognize their hard-working employees.

“We appreciate NRCA spearheading Roofing Contractors across the nation to join in celebrating Roofing Week,” said David Crowther, president of CFS Roofing Services in Florida. “We are extremely proud of our industry and it creates time for us to educate and highlight what roofing means to our community.”

To participate, roofing organizations are encouraged to share posts on social media that coincide with daily National Roofing Week themes:

  • Sunday 6/6: Kickoff
  • Monday 6/7: Signature Projects
  • Tuesday 6/8: Charitable Projects
  • Wednesday 6/9: Employee Appreciation
  • Thursday 6/10: Employee Training
  • Friday 6/11: Celebration
  • Saturday 6/12: Wrap-up

"Roofing Week provides a great opportunity to highlight our team's fantastic work," said MaintenX Vice President of Operations, Roofing Division, Derrick Barwick. "They provide commercial facilities with peace of mind, energy savings, and weather resilience — especially important in the state of Florida — and deserve to be applauded."

Other companies joined in the celebration as well. During National Roofing Week, EagleView shared some of its favorite examples of roofing contractors benefiting their communities across social media and its website.

"NRCA National Roofing Week is an incredible opportunity to recognize the major contributions of roofing contractors to the homeowners they serve,” said Piers Dormeyer, president of construction at EagleView. “Roofers are instrumental to rebuilding efforts following natural disasters, and their expertise is essential when it comes to repairing or replacing an aging roof system. We’re thrilled to recognize their accomplishments not just throughout the week, but throughout the year as well.” 

With National Roofing Week emphasizing the charitable work roofing businesses accomplish, the Roofing Alliance, celebrating 25 years, recognized roofing industry partners who have donated their time and expertise to protect Ronald McDonald Houses. With the 165th day of the year falling shortly after National Roofing Week, the Roofing Alliance recognized the 165 roofs that have been adopted through the partnership between the Roofing Alliance and Ronald McDonald House Charities®.

Below are just a few examples of roofing companies and organizations celebrating National Roofing Week: