Roofing contractors across the US have been experiencing the power of the Equipter RB4000 dump trailer since 2004.

What makes it so appealing?

For some contractors, it’s reduced labor costs. For others, it’s getting more done faster. For others still, it’s about the unmatched professionalism in sales and on the job.

In 2020, Equipter surveyed its customers to gauge how its flagship model has impacted their roofing companies.

Of those surveyed, 94 percent said the RB4000’s biggest impact has been allowing them to do more work with more efficient crews.

“Instead of having a full time cleanup crew, with the Equipter I can have an extra guy or two on the roof,” said Brandon Hartzler of Hart Exteriors, Milton, PA.

Training crew members on roof installation leads to more versatile and valuable workers and creates a deeper sense of loyalty, boosting morale and increasing employee retention. So, it’s no wonder that 75 percent of Equipter owners said that their workers are very excited about working with the Equipter.

Cody Dykes of Superior Roofing in Auburn, AL, reported, “The Equipter has helped lower time on the job and my payroll expense while keeping our crews fresher and happier.”

Many contractors surveyed also noted that homeowners are very impressed with the Equipter RB4000, giving them a more competitive edge during the sales process.

“Most people think you’re established if you show up with a piece of equipment like that,” explained Equipter customer Larry Szymczak of LDS Exteriors, Macomb Township, MI. Larry also noted that the Equipter helps his team close two to four more jobs a month.

It’s clear that from start to finish, the American-made Equipter RB4000 influences every part of the roofing process. Contractors can visit or call 717-661-3591 to learn more about this unique dump trailer.

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