Meteorologist and storm expert Victor Gensini, Ph.D., breaks down the recent severe weather across the country and what trends roofing contractors need to look for.

The outlook for this year’s severe weather and its impact on roofing contractors around the country was pretty clear – gear up for what could be another record storm season.   

It may not take very long to prove those prognosticators right. Barely into May -- when most meteorologists and true storm chasers after scientific thrills are just starting to gear up -- the Great Plains and Southeast have already withstood major storm systems. And that’s setting the stage for a wild, and very busy season for roofing contractors, said meteorologist Victor Gensini, Ph.D., a professor at Northern Illinois University.  

“Usually an early start means a strong finish as well, and in particular since we’re in this La Nina phase we expect hail to come down well into late spring,” said Gensini, who is also the vice president of atmospheric data science with Predictive Sales AI.

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