FRUITVALE, Texas — The Texas winter storms have left many schools in bad shape. Fruitvale ISD is one that lost its kitchen and ability to have hot meals. Learning of this news, the team at Coryell Roofing came in to serve students hot food and let them know they are cared for and not forgotten.

Coryell Roofing and Construction is a roofing contractor for commercial buildings, schools, churches, and businesses in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. Fruitvale ISD students and staff could not be happier about the Coryell team coming in with hot food.

“Fruitvale ISD was provided hot meals to all students and staff by Coryell Roofing today,” said Fruitvale ISA Superintendent Rebecca Bain. “We have gone two and half weeks without a kitchen and therefore been unable to provide hot meals regularly to the kids. Blake Cooper brought chicken, green beans, rolls, and gravy to our students and staff in Chicken Express chicken. Students were so excited and thankful for the lunches today being warm and delicious.

"We are so thankful for companies like Coryell giving back to school districts and supporting us in our time of need. These are the kind of businesses we want working in and for our school districts because they care about the kids and staff!”

The team at Coryell Roofing was grateful for the opportunity to help.

“Students and staff were so appreciative; it was really heartwarming," said Coryell Roofing Texas Education Consultant Blake Cooper. "Educators are simply incredible. Everything they had to do this past year to adapt to a constantly changing COVID environment, they did, and now this. One more difficult situation they admirably overcame. I am glad we were able to give a little, even just for a day.”