Polyglass U.S.A. Inc. worked alongside contractor Perkins Roofing and other partners to refurbish the damaged roof of Abandoned Pet Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

One of South Florida's biggest no-kill animal shelters, Abandoned Pet Rescue had been in dire need of a new roof. The not-for-profit organization had been fundraising for the project when Perkins Roofing donated to the charity. Volunteer Larry Wallenstein then approached the contractor about estimating the cost of the new roof. Perkins Roofing worked with John Massengill, one of Polyglass' sales agents of Building Envelope Associates, to coordinate the various donations.

“Tim Kanak at Perkins Roofing called me to tell me about the project. He informed me that the roof was leaking badly and desperately needed to be replaced,” Massengill said. “He asked if I could rally some of the manufacturers for participation in the project and I told him that I would.”

As a premier manufacturer of roofing membranes, Polyglass was happy to donate more than 100 rolls of Elastoflex SA V FR elastomeric SBS membranes and Polyflex SA P granulated APP cap sheets. Both of these products feature Polyglass’s patented ADESO Self-Adhered Technology, which eliminated the need for hot torch application. This allowed Perkins Roofing to install the new roof with minimal disturbance to hundreds of the shelter's animal residents. Polyglass also donated buckets of PG 500 flashing cement for use during the project. Other donors provided adhesives, insulation, and logistical assistance.

The shelter's leaking roof covered 6,200 square feet. A combination of old gypsum and metal panels made up 5,000 square feet of the surface. The remaining 1,200 square feet was made from wood that had been infested with termites. The project took two weeks and involved extensive work. Perkins Roofing removed the damaged layers and installed Polyglass' Elastoflex membranes and Polyflex cap sheets. APR now has a stunning new roof protected by Polyglass’s durable membranes. The roofing is safeguarded by Polyglass’s 20-year Quantum NDL warranty to give the charity peace of mind for the future.

Polyglass is proud to have been involved with this worthwhile project. Assisting their valued contractors and supporting hard-working charities is important to Polyglass’s ethos.

Whether you're considering adopting an animal or simply looking to donate, help Polyglass support this cause by visiting the APR website.