Based in Raleigh, N.C., RiCal Construction is a noted residential and commercial construction contractor that has provided exterior roofing, repair, and siding installation and replacement services for more than 30 years. When contracted to replace the roof on a portion of the historic Flora MacDonald College building in Red Springs, RiCal opted for a Polyglass multi-ply SBS roofing system. The project was RiCal's first one with Polyglass.

About Flora MacDonald College

The Flora MacDonald College building traces its origins to the 1890s when it first served as a Presbyterian seminary and later became one of the earliest women's colleges in the South. The current historic neoclassical building has changed names numerous times since its construction in the early 1900s, but it has always served as an educational facility. The Flora MacDonald Campus is now home to Highlander Academy, a private school for pre-K to 12th grade students.

Project Background and Challenges

RiCal was tasked with a complete tear-off and reroof of the kitchen area of the building — a project scope of 3,000 square feet. As the building was more than 108 years old, securing the roof to the old walls while preserving the building's historical integrity posed the most significant issue.

Polyglass' self-adhered roofing products and liquid flashing proved to be effective in solving this challenge and made the task easier to accomplish. After tearing off the old roof covering, the RiCal team laid down a dual SBS membrane over the plywood substrate using Polyglass Elastoflex SA V Plus for the base layer and Elastoflex SA P FR for the cap sheet. Both products utilize a patented ADESO® dual-compound self-adhered technology for easy application without needing torches, asphalt, or other adhesives. The team then sealed the roof features and penetrations using PolyBrite® Reinforcing Polyester and PolyFlash® 1C liquid flashing.

Product Spotlight:

  • PG Elastoflex SA V Plus: A premium grade elastomeric base sheet designed for low-slope roofs, combining a top layer of true SBS asphalt and a self-adhered bottom layer reinforced with a fiberglass mat for increased strength and stability.
  • PG Elastoflex SA P FR: A self-adhered SBS cap layer with fire-retardant additives, designed with a non-woven polyester reinforcement that combines flexibility with superior tear and puncture resistance.
  • PG Polyflash 1C: A white liquid flashing compound made from moisture-cure silane-modified polyurethane, offering superior waterproofing protection around walls, vents, and other roofing penetrations.
  • PolyBrite Reinforcing Polyester: A flexible and white stitch-bonded polyester fabric that reinforces cold-process roofing systems and elastomerics.

Polyglass has a range of self-adhered roofing products for low-slope roof restorations. Contact Polyglass today to discuss your commercial or residential roofing needs.