Joe Pool Lake is a 7,400-acre lake found in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. It spans across Mansfield, Cedar Hill, and Grand Prairie, Texas, offering numerous activities, parks, and beaches. There is something for everyone, making it a hotspot for people all over the state. With so much to offer, there is no denying Joe Pool Lake is somewhere Texans would love to live — and the owners of The Mansions recognized this. 

Sitting on the shores of Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie, Texas, is a luxury apartment complex that offers "suburban living with a twist" known as The Mansions. Notable amenities include panoramic views of the lake and access to nature trails, parks, playgrounds, and much more. Even with the lake offering ways to cool off, the Texas sun is nothing to ignore. With temperatures that can reach scorching highs, it is critical to choose the right building materials, especially for the roof. The roof bears the brunt of the sun's rays, which can create uncomfortable living conditions with the wrong type of roofing installed. 

Calling in the Experts

With this fact in mind, the property owners of The Mansions considered their choices carefully. Naturally, they wanted the best; something to protect their investment from not just the sun but other elements as well. It needed to be durable, easy to maintain, and look attractive. Paradigm Roofing, a local roofing company with many years of experience, took on installing the roofing project. 

Paradigm's owner, Tony Hall, suggested that The Mansions' property owners consider Brava Roof Tile. His company already had five years of experience working with Brava and had the knowledge and experience to work with the products and install them correctly. For them, it was an obvious choice; Brava works well in large developments like The Mansions due to the lightweight build, walkability, and 50-year product warranty. 

A Product of the Highest Standards

What also makes Brava stand out is the durability. The tiles can not only withstand the Texas sun's extreme heat but can also hold up against the storms that are so common in the Gulf area. Brava Roof Tile offers three styles, all of which offer some of the highest durability levels. They feature a Class 4 impact resistance and can withstand up to 110 mph winds, making them ideal for Texas's stormy weather. Brava's roofing can also feature up to a Class A fire rating, further adding to their durability.

Before beginning installation, the property owners requested samples of Brava tiles, specifically the Spanish Barrel style. While they had gone through rigorous testing to earn their safety ratings, the property owners wanted to conduct their own tests to confirm the integrity. They went as far as to throw the sample into a bonfire to test the Class A fire rating. The owners were impressed when the sample survived the harsh treatment and finally granted Paradigm permission to move forward with the project and order the tiles. 

Brava's Spanish Barrel tiles resemble the traditional clay Barrel tiles but are more lightweight, durable, and cost-effective. The wide array of color options made it easy to select a color that complemented the color of The Mansions' structure, adding to the exterior aesthetics. They chose to go with Brava's vibrant Terra Cotta color, which perfectly compliments The Mansions' Spanish-influenced architecture.

Paradigm Roofing was tasked with installing the roofs of the 12 different buildings that make up The Mansions. It took the company eight months to complete the project, from producing, shipping, and installing the tiles on all 12 buildings. Being such a lightweight product made the installation go much smoother. The product was easier and faster to install, unlike traditional Barrel tiles that have a more complicated installation process.