NAPLES, Fla. — Kelly Roofing, RC's 2019 Residential Contractor of the Year, announced its positioning as one of America’s first authorized installers of Tesla Solar Roof. Working closely with Tesla, Kelly now offers customers throughout Florida an innovative, efficient and elegant solution for energy independence.

“Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy," said Kelly Roofing President Ken Kelly. "Kelly Roofing believes in this mission and we want to do our part to help achieve it.”

With Tesla Solar Roof installed by Kelly Roofing’s highly trained technicians, Florida homeowners can enjoy free, abundant, clean energy. Kelly Roofing clients benefit from fast design work, speedy installation, and long-term energy savings from Tesla Solar Roof.

Each Tesla Solar Roof tile is three times stronger than traditional tile. The new solar tile roof, a seamless addition to any Florida home, is protected by a 25-year warranty.

Fast, efficient installation by Kelly Roofing has four steps:

  1. Experts use aerial imagery and 3D modeling to create a custom design exclusive to your home
  2. Your old roof is removed
  3. Tesla Solar Roof expertly installed
  4. Powerwall electrical capture and backup is installed (optional)

Augmenting the Tesla Solar Roof System is the Tesla Powerwall. Powerwall is a compact, home battery that stores energy converted by the Tesla Solar Roof. This stored energy provides ample electrical power for the home at night, during power outages, or after hurricanes. With the Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall, customers get complete protection and peace of mind before, during, and after any storm. Homeowners are in control of their own energy dependence.

"Tesla Solar Roof is the entire roof. It’s beautiful, modern, and efficient," said Kelly. "It’s the talk of the town. This product pays for itself, giving you an amazing return on investment."

Using satellites, Kelly Roofing can survey a customer’s home, custom-design a highly efficient system, offer options via the Tesla Decider, at, and install the new solar roof quickly.

"The Tesla Decider assists clients who want to select components, preview estimated costs and schedule an appointment," said Kelly. "Here in Florida, solar power is abundant. There’s enough of it to power the entire planet’s energy needs if deployed appropriately."

This partnership between Kelly Roofing and Tesla allows customers in Florida to be among the first in the country to benefit from this technology.

“It’s exciting to help our customers be the change that starts the world’s transition to sustainable energy," Kelly said.