During a season where roofing contractors are typically dealing with snow and ice damage, they may now need to add "vehicle damage" to their repertoire.

According to the Argus Leader, an Iowa homeowner has to patch a gigantic hole in their roof caused by a driver losing control of their vehicle, soaring through the air and landing in the roof. Law enforcement officials report no one was in the home at the time of the accident and that the driver survived the accident, but was treated at a hospital for injuries.

The accident took place around 10:20 p.m. on Tuesday near Highway Nine and County Highway K16, in Larchwood, Iowa. The driver, identified by NWest Iowa as Irrael Garcia Hidalgo, 25, was heading north on Highway Nine at a high rate of speed in a 2013 Toyota Corolla. Hidalgo failed to navigate a left curve and the vehicle left the highway, soaring more than 120 feet through the air before crashing into the home.

Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep told NWest Iowa that speed was the contributing factor in the crash, though it's unclear whether the driver was under the influence.

“It sounds like 115 miles was the slowest they were probably going,” Vander Stoep told NWest Iowa. “It did launch into the air and come down into the roof of the house. Most times when you have car accidents the car goes through the front of the house, but this one came down onto the roof.”

The accident caused significant damage to the roof of the home and the living space below. NWest Iowa states Hidalgo was able to leave the vehicle and went to a neighbor's home for help. A towing company removed the vehicle from the home. The Iowa State Patrol and Lyon County Sheriff’s Department are investigating the crash.

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