In today’s digital world, it’s easy to automate processes like inspection requests or pulling permits. RKG Roofing & Construction understands the need for such technology, but never forgets that roofing is a people business.

“Customer service is the name of the game,” said Robby and Kimba Garcia, the founders and owners of RKG. “Once the roof is complete we send all customers a text asking if they would recommend us to a friend. Each customer also gets a handwritten thank-you card thanking them for choosing RKG.”

That personal touch, along with a desire to foster an honest and ethical company, are the reasons RKG Roofing & Construction continues to grow in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

A blend of old-school and modern marketing techniques help keep RKG Roofing top of mind in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.


A Passion for Business and Community

Being spouses and business partners doesn’t work for everyone, but for the Garcias, it’s a match made in roofing Heaven. Robby grew up working in the building industry with his father and uncles, providing a solid knowledge base when starting RKG in 2016. Kimba worked as a cosmetologist prior to starting RKG with Robby. Her experience with marketing and building her own client base easily transitioned into building the company’s branding. Having learned about roofing after founding RKG, her perspective lends itself well to communicating with clients who may not understand roofing systems.

“Before I was in roofing I thought a roof was the shingles. Now I understand there is decking, underlayment, flashings, ventilation, etc. The roof needs to both defend and breathe,” she said.

Initially, the duo started small by working under general contractors, but expanded quickly as they reinvested their earnings into growing RKG. They formed their first sales team in 2017 and established crews that work with the company to this day — loyalty that is recognized by employees receiving medical benefits.

RKG is split into three divisions: roofing, renovations and maintenance repair. Robby focuses on production, sales and working in the field while Kimba handles marketing, recruiting and training the sales team.

Training is just one area where RKG takes advantage of today’s technology. Weekly training meetings are held at the office, but there are also video training modules for workers to explore and a Facebook group where additional content for sales people is posted. At RKG, a core value is to always be learning, so there’s no shortage of opportunities.

“We also bring in outside trainers from manufacturer reps, to ventilation specialists, claims handling specialists, as well as sales coaches and customer service professionals,” they said.

This use of technology served RKG well when the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay at home and maintain social distancing. Zoom video chats became a mainstay, whether it was closing deals or team meetings, and Docusign and Facetime software made it easy to keep homeowners safe during inspections and contract signings.

For marketing, RKG uses a mix of old-school techniques and new technology. RKG harnesses the power of Facebook Ads, Google Ads and maintains a slick website, but also utilizes direct mail campaigns and networking opportunities. RKG even hosts its own bi-monthly networking events to connect with other business owners and homeowners, and plans quarterly give-back projects. For instance, in late 2019 it donated 120 backpacks full of water and other necessities to the homeless.

“Our company culture is something we are known for and the enjoyment of building that has been the most rewarding part,” the Garcias said.

The investment into its community pays off both literally and figuratively. Oftentimes, RKG customers end up requesting additional work aside from their roofs, whether it’s a new garage door, new fence stain, or new seamless gutters.

“It’s how we take the Texas weather negatives and turn it into positives for the community we love,” the Garcias said.

RKG Roofing makes a habit of photographing every step of a project to keep meticulous files.


A Shining Example in the Lone Star State

Working as a roofer in Texas comes with its own set of challenges. The state doesn’t require any licensing to be a contractor, leading to a “Wild West” marketplace swamped with fly-by-night contractors who do sub-standard work, or worse, don’t complete jobs. As RKG explains in its blog post about roofers who waive deductibles, “We don’t personally like committing felonies, Ms. Jones, and we would never ask you to do so either.”

This is why RKG prides itself on its integrity and accountability. Photos are taken during every project at every stage of the job and noted in the job’s file. Project managers are always on location, and turn in final walkthrough reports to ensure every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘T’ crossed. Job completion photos are included in the company’s CRM.

“It’s our no-corners-cut method to building that set us apart in our market as well as our attention to detail on every file,” they said. “When a homeowner chooses RKG they can depend on us to ensure they get a fair payout with all their damages covered because we are going to document the damage correctly that empowers them to get it all approved.”

RKG boosts its reputation by not only being accredited with the Better Business Bureau since April 2019, but maintaining an A+ rating with the bureau. To help it further stand out from shady contractors, RKG is an active member of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT).

“(RCAT) provides industry updates and training. We also are proud to uphold their code of ethics in an industry that is otherwise unlicensed in our state,” they said.

The Garcias credit Beacon Building Products as a major factor in their continued success, saying the company is quick to respond and helps them run smoothly. Specifically, they called out Reggie Brock, a national sales manager, as being a mentor to them.

“He has not only been here to watch us grow but has offered experience and knowledge along the way,” they said.

“Our company culture is something we are known for and the enjoyment of building that has been the most rewarding part,” the Garcias said.


RKG also works closely with Owens Corning as well as Air Vent Inc., saying the former provides educational opportunities and plant tours while Air Vent helped them fully understand proper roof ventilation.

Its reputation for doing high-quality and honest work earned RKG the opportunity to do restoration work on the M. Johnson Poultry Ranch House, a home built in 1924 north of the Metroplex that’s a Texas Historical Landmark. The historical property was damaged in a tornado and consisted of discontinued materials, resulting in a $498,000 residential insurance claim.

With growth, though, comes growing pains. While the company has expanded to two locations, finding and retaining the right talent remains a challenge along with constantly reevaluating operations. 

“We have been rebuilding processes to sustain the growth and focusing on branding as well as connecting strongly with the communities we serve,” they said.

To counter any setbacks, RKG has a secret weapon that can be summed up in two words: track everything. By keeping track of everything from start to finish, RKG is able to provide a litany of communications and services: They can tell homeowners what their roof’s color will be in a year’s time; give them a copy of their contract and warranty if it’s misplaced; provide documents to turn in to receive a discount from their insurance carrier; and reminders for inspections.

“When you have good data and good files you can service your homeowners in powerful ways,” they said. “You can keep your company healthy, warranties honored, and keep moving forward to serving more people.”