SANTA FE, N.M. — Christmas may be over, but you would never know it if you could see the smile on the face of Geraldine Lopez, a New Mexico woman caring for seven children and two grandchildren, and the recipient of free roof repairs courtesy of RoofCARE.

The company's benevolence has been a bright spot for Lopez, who lost both her parents and son last year and has been caring for her family under a leaky roof.

"It was RoofCARE's pleasure to be able to help Ms. Lopez," said Mark Skoog, RoofCARE project manager. "One of the most rewarding parts of this job is being able to provide individuals or nonprofit organizations in dire need with free roof repairs that they can enjoy for many years to come."

Although they are primarily a commercial roofing contractor with locations in Texas and New Mexico, RoofCARE arranged to replace roof panels and some shingles for Lopez so she no longer has to worry about raising a family under a leaky roof covered in tarps. A repair job like this one would normally cost approximately $5,000, making the act of generosity even more appreciated by Lopez, who is on a fixed income.

"The recipients of our courtesy roof repairs say it is the best gift they received, but I can say without a doubt that their happy faces and relief over a working roof is more of a gift to us at RoofCARE than they will ever really know. It keeps us going all year long," Skoog said.

The RoofAngel project was created eight years ago by RoofCARE as a way to give back to New Mexico and West Texas communities. RoofCARE has since donated roof repairs to local nonprofit organizations relieving the worry that a damaged roof can bring like interior damage, dangerous mold, and the worry of a capital roof investment. 

RoofCARE is a full-service commercial roofing contractor that specializes in extending the life of existing roofing systems as a cost-efficient and sustainable alternative to premature roof replacement.