MINNEAPOLIS — Central Roofing Company, located in Minnesota, has donated more than $23,000 to Hennepin Healthcare toward the remodeling of the pediatric in-patient play room at the Children’s Hospital at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

Scheduled for completion in early 2021, the new play room will feature a reading nook, custom modular storage cabinets, therapeutic equipment and other enhancements.

“The current play room is not conducive to patients, especially those requiring accessibility to maneuver wheelchairs,” said Rebecca DeRosia, senior development officer at Hennepin Healthcare Foundation, which coordinates contributions to Hennepin Healthcare. “The remodeling will change that by adding in an accessible sink plus a better flow to the room.

“We deeply appreciate the financial donation from Central Roofing designated for this remodeling effort. In addition, the company’s ongoing support to The Gathering Place program has made a significant impact with thousands of people.”

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is a way for pediatric patients from the hospital, burn center and intensive care to come together with their families to enjoy food and support from other families coping with the hospitalization of their child. During non-COVID times, the weekly meal is catered by local restaurants.

Central Roofing donated $20,000 in 2019 and an additional $20,000 again in 2020 to support The Gathering Place.

“We reroofed Hennepin County Medical Center in 2013,” said Gerry A. Stock, president and CEO of Central Roofing. “A few years later we donated iPads to the Long-Term Pediatric Care Team, then toured the unit to see them in use. When we were approached a year later to fund The Gathering Place, we immediately signed up. We’ve been providing funds and support to this great program ever since.”

DeRosia added that Central Roofing has been a fundamental part of connecting the community with the needs of patients at Hennepin Healthcare.

“The many generous contributions Central Roofing has made go a long way toward supporting patients and their families,” she said.

Central Roofing Company is a nationally-certified, woman-owned and operated private corporation based in Minneapolis. Established in 1929, the company has more than 200 union employees.