From its humble beginnings in 2006 to operating in all 50 states, RestoreMasters has become a go-to roofing contractor for commercial roofing needs.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Michael, co-owner Matt Irvin teamed up with Justin Reichl and decided to make the switch to commercial roofing. Since then, the Florida-based company has taken off, completing $41 million in the first year since Reichl and Irvin joined forces. The projects it has tackled range from condominium complexes to malls, banks and multiple church properties — including one erected in 1835.

RestoreMasters boasts offices in 10 locations and offers metal roofing, coatings, disaster response, storm restoration and everything in between. It ranked #41 on RC’s 2020 Top 100 list after bringing in $41.4 million in revenue in 2019 and earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list for a 1,853% revenue growth between 2016 and 2019.

RC caught up with Irvin to learn more about the company’s success and its bright future.


RC: How did you get your start in roofing?

MI: I started roofing when I was 12 with my brother, helping him out as he was a roofing sub through another company. I was just the trash guy and sometimes they would give me extra money to carry the bundles up the ladder. I loved this, as it gave me extra money and I could go on weekends and days off. I worked every weekend and every summer until I graduated. When I graduated, I began running a crew for $10 a square in Florida, $10 off and $10 on. While running the crew I went ahead and signed up for roofing school where they teach you the business and law as well as the trade knowledge required.

RC: How was RestoreMasters started?

MI: I started this company when I was 18. I started out as a cash contractor in 2006, which grew to about $5 million in sales per year until 2011 when I began to travel and took the adventure on my first insurance reroof journey. From there, I have opened offices all over the country and continuously learn better ways to obtain larger projects.

RC: What was it like switching from residential to commercial?

MI: Transitioning to commercial was very tough, as commercial jobs take about a year to process with the insurance to get everything paid for properly. We are past that mark and everything is rolling in. We are super excited for the future.

RestoreMasters worked to restore the Hiland Park Baptist Church after Hurricane Michael.

RC: How did Hurricane Michael affect RestoreMasters?

MI: We have completed a few pretty large projects from Hurricane Michael. We are doing another one now that is a $6-million complete rebuild.

We completed a neuromedical hospital roof system that the hurricane blew completely off, it was a flat roof and we had to find a way to keep the water out of the building ASAP with no roof system.

RC: Which manufacturers, suppliers and other professionals have helped you reach this level of success? 

MI: Union Corrugating has helped us, as we received the metal roofing contractor of the year award from them. We have received an award from Verea Clay Tile for platinum elite tile roofer. Versico has awarded us with their certifications as well as many other manufacturers. This gives our customers trust in choosing us.

RC: Do you have any tips on educating building owners about roof systems?

MI: I would go to the manufacturer’s website and ask the questions there, as many roofers have different opinions on roof systems based on their ability to get that roof system done.

RestoreMasters works on Fall Creek Resort and Condominiums throughout the country.

RC: How do you keep your crews and staff up-to-date and safe?

MI: We have a safety program for all of our subs and employees that was provided to us by our workers comp carrier. We have three weekly meetings for training. This is a 30-minute to one-hour Zoom meeting to go over different aspects of the business.

RC: Do you have any concerns about operating as a business during the pandemic? If so, what are they?

MI: My main concerns are for the business owners that we are trying to gain business from. Are they going to still have their reserves good enough to replace their roofing systems? Are they going to want to spend money on their roofs?

RC: What was one of your more memorable jobs?

MI: The worst experience would be installing shrink wrap for the first time. We actually made the leaks worse! It leaked all over the place. I had trash cans full of water and water pumps and guys freaking out all over the place. We got kicked off the property!

RC: What advice do you have for other contractors out there?

MI: Take care of your customers, take care of your staff, never believe that you are better than them or you do not need them, especially the staff. I couldn’t be more grateful for the staff that we have, they are the ones that truly make it all happen.