NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Firestone Building Products LLC (FSBP) launched several innovative products across its family of brands with the recent introductions of GenFlex Seam2Seam (S2S) EPDM SA, the GacoPatch Tube, and the addition of a new category — Firestone PVC — to the Firestone brand.

These new offerings further enhance and extend the FSBP portfolio, providing a more complete set of high-quality commercial roofing solutions for customers.

“We take great pride in being a trusted provider of roofing and building solutions, and that starts with offering a robust portfolio of products across our brands to meet our customers’ many unique and varied needs,” said Amy Randall, executive director, global research, development and engineering, FSBP. “Firestone PVC rounds out the Firestone portfolio, GenFlex S2S EPDM SA helps contractors get more jobs done safely and quickly and GacoPatch Tube significantly simplifies the sealant’s application process.”

GenFlex S2S EPDM SA is FSBP’s latest quick and easy fully-adhered EPDM solution. Using Firestone Building Products’ patented Secure Bond™ technology across the whole membrane surface, the new solution allows for fast, easy installation without the need for sprayers, seam tape or adhesive, getting contractors on and off the roof faster. Offering superior adhesion coverage, GenFlex S2S EPDM SA can be applied in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. With zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and zero odor, it is ideal for customers installing the product on occupied buildings.

FSBP, through its Gaco brand, continues to innovate with its GacoPatch product offering to provide a more portable and simplified application for contractors. GacoPatch is a popular flashing grade, stand-alone silicone roof sealant that is now available in a convenient 20-ounce tube packaging. The versatility of GacoPatch Tube paired with a sausage gun allows for a simplified application on a variety of roof types including asphalt, single ply, metal and most existing coatings.

“The tube has great portability and makes it much easier to get up and down a ladder,” said Jacob Jordan, lead repair technician at Spray-Tec, Inc. in Shelbyville, Ky. “The product also has excellent yield and adhesion, especially in emergencies when the surface is wet.”

GacoPatch is a long-term solution for roof repairs because it is UV stable and does not chalk, crack, or break down over time and remains permanently flexible, even under ponding water. It is also available in 2-gallon buckets for larger applications.

Firestone, the company’s flagship brand, rounds out the portfolio with PVC, giving Firestone the most complete offering of commercial roofing solutions. The addition provides contractors with a single-source provider through Firestone, which drives efficiencies for their business. Firestone PVC single-ply systems provide durable, long-term commercial roofing solutions ideal for a variety of low-slope building types, including those often found on restaurants, airports and other commercial facilities.

Highly resistant to impact, puncture, chemicals, grease and fire, Firestone’s PVC systems produce exceptional performance in harsh environments. With highly reflective roofing membranes and UV inhibitors, it is a cool roof solution designed to help mitigate heat transfer, drive energy savings and support sustainability priorities.