JOPLIN, Mo. — A recent donation of roofing shingles has international implications. TAMKO Building Products LLC provided the roofing for the recently completed Schuber Mitchell Homes for Hope project in Northwest Arkansas. The home was sold and the profits go toward fighting global poverty by providing micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing nations.

To bring attention to the International Day of Charity, observed on Sept. 5, TAMKO and Midwest-builder Schuber Mitchell highlight the local Homes for Hope project they provided labor and materials for, as well as the larger organization and its goals. TAMKO has a long history of supporting the communities where its facilities are located, as well as other nonprofit organizations across the United States, especially in the areas of veteran support, education, support for families experiencing a medical crisis, and natural disaster recovery.

“TAMKO is committed to making a lasting impact in communities across the United States, and we are honored to have the opportunity to support a project that enables people to become self-sufficient in raising themselves out of poverty,” said David Humphreys, TAMKO chairman and CEO. “These projects raise funds for organizations to empower individuals around the world to build better and more sustainable lives for themselves and their families, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of that effort.”

Homes for Hope projects are made possible through donated labor and material. Once a project house is sold, the funds raised are donated to HOPE International and other like-minded organizations that work to provide income-generating projects by creating entrepreneurial opportunities that help break the cycle of poverty in underserved communities around the world. In more than 97% of the cases, the microloans provided are typically paid back, with interest, within five years. The funds are then cycled back into new loans to help more people break the cycle of poverty.

Schuber Mitchell started the Northwest Arkansas Homes for Hope project in February and received more than $85,000 in labor and material donations, including TAMKO’s donation of roofing materials. The home was completed in June and sold to a home buyer in July.

“This literally wouldn’t have been possible without our trade and vendor partners,” said Courtney McNally, Schuber Mitchell Homes marketing manager. “We asked them to join us in this effort by contributing what they could, and they were beyond generous with their resources.”

Schuber Mitchell has supported the nonprofit’s efforts since 2014 when they built their first Homes for Hope project in Webb City, Mo., marking the state’s first-ever Homes for Hope house. This year’s Arkansas home building project was Schuber Mitchell’s second Homes for Hope project and TAMKO’s first roofing donation in support of the charity.

International Day of Charity is observed annually on Sept. 5 and exists to increase social responsibility and support for charitable causes on a global scale. To learn more about TAMKO’s charitable giving, click here.