Built Wright Homes & Roofing Inc. was started by Lynn and Lola Cash 25 years ago when demand for construction skyrocketed near their hometown in northern and central Kentucky. As the strength of the new-housing boom wilted over the next decade, the business transformed largely into a reroofing and remodeling operation that specialized in storm repair. It’s since expanded into some of the most active storm regions in the United States and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Garris Spaccamonti, president of operations, recently took the time to respond to the following questions from RC about the company’s success and its future.

RC: How did this company get its start?

GS: Mr. Lynn and Mrs. Lola Cash started the company in 1995, by doing remodels and additions. Massive demand for construction in our hometown started to evolve and we turned into a multimillion dollar construction company. The owners have three sons who manage the company, and I’m the oldest.

RC: Can you describe a signature company project or major milestone?

GS: Our contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to set up travel trailers during the response to Hurricane Katrina was a major milestone for our company. As was reaching $13.5 million as a company in gross sales in a year.

RC: How is the company structured? 

GS: Under the owners and executive leadership are three production/quality control managers. We also have an office manager, office staff for accounts receivable and payable, estimators and crews.

RC: What type of training do you provide employees to help cultivate strong relationships with customers?  

GS: We have been through OSHA safety training and constantly focus on improving further with our continuing education plans on safety. We have both safety and customer service training for employees. We also attend conferences, trainings, and industry expos on a regular basis.

RC: How do you provide a good working atmosphere for employees?  

GS: We do monthly meetings with a prize giveaway that demonstrates positive reinforcement. We also take an annual vacation with all employees on a cruise or destination location.  

RC: How do you ensure quality workmanship and build relationships with customers?

GS: Our quality of workmanship is credited to our trainings and quality control manager who handles warranties and customer issues. We like to become friends with our customers and communicate during the process of their job. We also always have the same contact information and strive to never miss a phone call or email.

RC: What types of marketing programs does your company use? 

GS: We primarily use social media, manufacturer
promotions, and our website. And we send our customers brownies in the mail once a job is completed.

RC: What are some of the challenges in your market? 

GS: Our challenges are the insurance companies and bad contractors feeding homeowners inaccurate information. Our industry needs more intelligent and educated contractors to educate the homeowners properly on the industry and products available.

RC: What’s important to focus on with customers that don’t have a lot of roofing experience? 

GS: Proper installation, proper products, and ventilation are the keys to success when educating homeowners about proper roofing.

RC: How would you describe your company’s keys to success?  

GS: We have been fortunate enough to work in the disaster restoration industry, which has kept us and a lot of contractors very busy. We are happy that we could assist thousands of homeowners during the process of restoring their homes due to a perilous situation.

We’re a big company with simple family values. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Provide high quality materials all while surpassing the highest of standards.

RC: What are the best and worst experiences? 

GS: The best experience — working together as a family and watching all my brothers, friends, and family come together to create a successful company.

Worst — The growing pains of working with friends and family!

RC: Tell us something strange a homeowner’s asked you to do? 

GS: A funny story… a homeowner called and said we must get to her house immediately because all of her roofing materials were getting ruined in the rain. We arrived, and the supplier had delivered the roofing materials properly, which all come wrapped in plastic. I said: “Ma’am, the shingles that go on your roof are meant to tread water and the current packaging is also preventing the products from sort of doing their job — shedding water.” We all laughed.

RC: Any advice for other roofing contractors out there? 

GS: Please educate yourself with the pros and cons of today’s products. All homeowners deserve the best products, installation and service so that their most prized possession, their home, can last forever.