SAN FRANCISCO — An ingenious new product created by HeartFormSF promises to radically improve the comfort level of mask-wearers globally in the era of COVID-19.

Construction is an extremely labor-intensive job and with mask mandates in some states, the job has become more physically exhaustive. HeartForm’s lightweight, heart-shaped shields — called HeartForm” — holds the mask fabric just a few millimeters away from the nose and mouth. This simple action makes breathing easier, blocks the face mask from entering the mouth, and makes it easier to talk. With the heat persisting, wearing a mask has not made things easier, but HeartForm keeps the face cool and its users comfortable.

“I run, bike, or walk everyday with a mask now, due to the pandemic. I tried several different mask types and think the softer fabric-based ones work best while exercising. But they often collapse against your mouth and nose. I think the HeartForm is a game changer,” said Dominic Peralta, founder and industrial designer of Stellar Designer in San Mateo, Calif.

The couple worked with designers and material experts to develop HeartForm, which works equally well with paper and fabric masks. Made of smooth, FDA approved medical-grade polypropylene, these shields are reusable and recyclable. You can easily wash or sanitize the product between uses. They’re also surprisingly light — each one weighs just 1/8th of an ounce.

“With my active lifestyle, HeartForm has helped me adjust to the new and unique challenges we are all facing. HeartForm truly does help me breathe easier — I can’t live without it,” said Claire Sonne, a student-athlete from UC Berkeley.

The masks are priced at $6 each. HeartFormSF is donating a portion of each order to the not-for-profit World Central Kitchen’s COVID-19 relief program to feed victims of the pandemic across the U.S.

In addition to fulfilling individual orders, the company also supplies the product in bulk to businesses and organizations. Bulk orders can include the choice of a variety of colors and branding with company names and slogans. Consumers may order the product online at