Building Enclosure Magazine is launching the Listening Lounge, a six-episode podcast series focused on challenges in the building enclosure. Each episode will examine a different topic related to the commercial building enclosure – from below-grade applications to acoustic performance in the enclosure’s interior, to vegetative roof assemblies.

Presented with Owens Corning, the first episode of the Listening Lounge focuses on “Invsibilis” in the building enclosure – those unseen parts of the enclosure that drive performance. Episode 1 considers how mineral wool as a continuous insulation can help architects and contractors manage challenges ranging from liquid and vapor moisture mitigation to achieving rising energy codes. Conversational and brief (each episode is about 20 minutes), the series pairs Building Enclosure Publisher Jill Bloom with thought leaders to discuss insights from the job site and building science from the research center. Content is targeted to the architects, designers and contractors responsible for achieving smart, high-performing buildings across the U.S.

The series debuts at a time when digital listening is on the rise. According to a Share of Ear report by Edison Research, 53% of Americans’ time spent listening was on digital devices during Q2 2020. “With so many events cancelled or postponed, the pandemic has created a greater appetite for digital content and educational resources,” says Bloom. “This podcast series is connecting thought leaders and experts in the field at a time when face-to-face contact is restricted.”

Episode 2 of the Listening Lounge will be live on on August 25, and will offer practical, science-based approaches to improve acoustic performance in the enclosure.