AccuLynx announced increased adoption of its platform as the coronavirus pandemic forces more contractors to work remotely and limit in-person interactions. AccuLynx data shows its cloud-based platform has acted as a link for roofing companies trying to move projects forward while prioritizing safety.

Notable growth in usage of the software — as well as its mobile apps, e-signature, integrated material ordering, and aerial measurement features — not only highlights the important role technology has played for roofing contractors amid shelter-in-place orders, but also reinforces the essential nature of roofing projects throughout the pandemic.

The company reports its aggregate customer job data remained stable despite states enacting social distancing measures, and has continued to show gains since the beginning of the pandemic, even as shelter-in-place orders were extended. In addition, the company reported:

  • The largest percentage of its customers taking advantage of the software’s integrated aerial measurement ordering features
  • More than double the number of e-signatures used — the highest number on record
  • Record number of users of its mobile Crew App
  • A 25% increase in material orders placed through the platform

“While the coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly presented challenges for roofing contractors, we have seen the power technology can have on their ability to navigate them,” said Mike Stein, CEO of AccuLynx. “Our customers have demonstrated resilience throughout this unprecedented time, with our software playing a critical role in keeping their project teams connected and work moving forward.”

AccuLynx helps roofing contractors manage every aspect of their work from a single, cloud-based application. The software not only facilitates collaboration across teams and helps keep roofing jobs on track, but it also enables contractors to sell their services remotely and maintain interactions with their customers without in-person interaction.