It is more than disorienting when things we take for granted suddenly evaporate into thin air. Things like meeting with a prospect or joining with friends for a beer. The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that the things we take for granted will change, and when we least expect it.

So, now you must pivot; take a new direction. Pivot is the buzzword I have heard from CEOs and other business leaders since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Top business leaders did not hesitate to pivot in the direction of dealing with the new reality in their enterprises.

You are leading your roofing company through some unprecedented times.

You should seek out any educational opportunities to obtain whatever you will need to lead your roofing company through a years-long series of changes. You should also consider crisis management training for yourself and your executive team as a top priority if you do not already have plans in place. It is not too late to address this vital business issue.

Speaking of pivoting, Roofing Contractor is not immune to these changes.

This issue of RC is the last to be delivered to you in the print form. The best information to help you succeed with your roofing business will now be delivered exclusively in a digital format. Learn more about how you can continue receiving all you have come to expect from RC.

I believe this bold and decisive move to digital is the right one and will allow us to continue as the leading independent media source in the roofing industry.

We will continue to print RC for important industry events such as the International Roofing Expo and our own Best of Success Conference. And as we head into our 40th year, we promise to continue our legacy as the “Premier Magazine for Commercial and Residential Roofing and Insulation.”

See you online.