SOUTH BELOIT, Ill. — Roofing contractors know how dangerous a fall can be, and thanks to the quick actions of two Illinois roofers, one woman who took a tumble in her home is recovering.

CBS-affiliated WIFR-LD reports that XL Contracting workers Emananuel Gamez and Josh Chudoba were heading to a jobsite at the Manchester Parcels Condominium around 7 a.m. on April 15 when they heard a noise. They realized it was a woman crying out, and when they approached her window, the woman said she had fallen and needed help.

One of the roofers stayed with the injured woman while the other called 911 and waited for first responders. WIFR states the South Beloit Fire Department and EMS arrived and safely pulled the woman through the window. The emergency responders learned the woman had fallen and had been on her floor since 4 a.m. that day.

XL Contracting co-owners Bryan Becker and Jason Peach said they were proud of their workers for taking the initiative and helping out someone in need.

“It didn’t come from us at headquarters at all, they took action right away,” Becker said. “They already called 911 and had the ambulance there before we even heard about it.”

According to the president of the homeowner’s association, the unit above the woman’s condo is vacant and the neighboring units have sound barrier walls, making it nearly impossible for someone to have heard her.

Becker said the timing of Gamez and Chudoba being on-site was quite coincidental as well. He said weather delays had interrupted the project, meaning the crews would’ve otherwise been two or three buildings away from the woman’s condo that particular day.

“We were working on the right building at the right time,” Becker said. “(Josh) is only 18 years old, so we were really pleased with his composure and keeping everything calm in that situation. It’s a really proud moment because all you hear is all the bad things that happen.”

The woman suffered a broken hip and was taken to the hospital to undergo surgery. In a Facebook post, XL Contracting praised its workers for receiving the recognition they deserved.

“Everyday [sic] we are proud of the team at XL Contracting. This is the type of story shows that what type of people we have and what they do when nobody is looking.”