I am very proud of the work the Roofing Contractor publishing and editorial teams have done in this trying time. I am very proud of the way roofing contractors have responded to needs in their local communities. Everything from donating N-95 face masks to local hospitals to offering kettle face-shields and hard hats as substitute personal protection equipment (PPE) for medical personnel and more. We have been reporting on all these things and other developments and sharing everything on social media.

The content for our print publication is planned a year in advance. We work on feature articles all the time and they are typically “in the can” months in advance of publication. Among the items that go into the print publication at the latest possible date are last-minute ad insertions or late-breaking news. This Editor’s Note also enjoys the luxury of being edited up to the last minute.

But it isn’t April yet, and here I sit writing this Editor’s Note for delivery to you in early to mid-May. In a world that is changing by the moment, we run the risk of delivering you old news. So, I am going to stick with the theme I have committed to personally, no matter how long the COVID-19 crisis lasts. I will focus on the silver lining that is sure to don this foreboding and dark cloud.

Here are a few of the things I am witnessing in these early days of the pandemic. For me, a new appreciation for spare time. I have been “officially” retired from my career in wholesale roofing distribution for over three years, but spare time has eluded me. My work with Roofing Contractor is not full-time, but the opportunities I’ve had to travel these past few years have been too tempting to pass up. Travel, especially a week or two at a time, tends to take a lot of time and extend “to-do” lists. Who knew?

For me, not traveling equals more time to do some of the many things I’ve been putting off for a time. Some things that have been put off for years. My neighbors are going through the same it seems. The yards are looking better than ever this spring!

Our good friend, Crane Renovation Group President Jim Ziminski, pointed out on a recent video panel that he expects to see fundamental changes in the educational system. Many of the in-person classes and seminars that have been canceled due to the virus have been replaced with online offerings. As more educators and students adopt and increase the use of these tools, they may become the new normal in the post COVID-19 world.

Construction lawyer Trent Cotney says that for leaders in the roofing industry, “Now is the time to shine.” He feels that the strong leaders will step up to meet this challenge no matter how long it takes and no matter how bad it gets. Top leaders have a great opportunity to distinguish themselves. Cotney adds, “I see any setback as a setup for a comeback.”

If you haven’t already, I urge you to tune into our ongoing coverage of COVID-19.