FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — Followup CRM announces for the month of March and April it is waiving 100% of its setup fee and giving away its virtual 1:1 onboarding ($3,500) for free for anyone looking to make the shift.

Followup CRM is construction customer relationship management (CRM) that provides a simple, user-friendly, tracking solution geared towards increasing sales revenues, including tracking and converting sales leads. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic causing people to work remotely in order to slow down its spread, Followup CRM is aiming to make that transition smoother for roofing contractors.

“Given this coronavirus, I think that the roofing industry is seeing the necessity of having a tool like this. Roofing companies with a way to take care of their clients from home will be the ones that weather this storm well,” said Followup CRM COO Erick Vargas.

Like other companies and businesses around the nation, Followup CRM is looking at what it can do to help the roofing industry cope with COVID-19 and the shift to remote work. Roofing companies that are still on paper or don't have a cloud-based system that are now required to work from home will be devastated.

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed many organizations into fully remote operations, but managing the change isn’t always easy. Followup CRM understands this and is giving the ability to manage leads, bids and clients to any roofer working from home.

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