KALAMAZOO, Mich. — GREEN LINK Engineering has increased support strength by 40% on its KnuckeHead universal base in response to customer needs in areas with high winds, seismic activity and other environmental fluctuates that can affect rooftop installations.

Dan Olinger, Green Link president, said that swings in weather patterns — including high winds and seismic events around the country, most recently in California, Puerto Rico and the Midwest — suggest the need for stronger, more stable installations of rooftop equipment.

“Responding to customer needs, we made a simple retool of our universal KnuckleHead base without changing its basic design so that it now offers our customers the option to add more fasters to the base during installations,” said Olinger. “When we heard from HVAC and roofing contractors about issues relating to equipment shifting during environmental events, we immediately looked at effective ways to retool our product to offer additional strength options. GreenLink prides itself on responding to customer needs and offering versatility in the use of our products."

Greenlink Engineering’s retooled KnuckleHead universal base now offers an improved attachment feature for more secure installations. The universal base, which accepts a range of head designs, originally featured two holes for securing the base using screws that penetrate to the roof deck. The retooling now features four holes that allow for the doubling of mechanical fasteners.

In laboratory tests, the four-fastener base installation increased support strength by 40% when tested on a 12-inch strut KnuckleHead configuration. No change has been made to the basic design of the base. The holes are still positioned in the center, and the base can also be further secured and sealed using specially formulated Green Link Adhesive/Sealant.

A range of head designs can be fastened to the universal base for supporting struts, large pipes, small pipes, solar panels and pavers. KnuckleHeads offer a unique feature in that they can be attached or loose laid, depending on local conditions and specifications.

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