What does a roofer want in a cordless saw? Increased run time and more cuts-per-charge, AKA, more productivity. That’s what Diablo delivers with its next generation 6-1/2-inch 24-Tooth Tracking Point™ saw blade.

This new blade produces accurate, smooth cuts on framing materials without bogging down cordless power tools. Designed with the professional user in mind, this next generation blade increases jobsite efficiencies with the introduction of Tracking Point™, a “rudder” like tooth design that reduces vibration and tension, allowing for true, straight cuts from the first cut to the last.

Optimized for corded and cordless saws, professional contractors will feel the cutting efficiencies of this new blade thanks to its Perma-SHIELD™ nonstick coating and the super-thin kerf, which minimizes material removal and produces a fast, clean cut. 

Laser-cut stabilizer vents absorb noise and vibration, keeping the blade straight and true for superior quality cuts. End-users can feel confident that “unplugging” with Diablo will deliver up to 65% more cuts per charge in a cordless saw.

This blade is ideal for roofers, framers, remodelers, concrete formers and especially anyone who has to chew through nail-embedded wood. For more information, visit www.diablotools.com.