CALDWELL, Idaho — Liability insurance issues may have prevented a roofing contractor from reroofing multiple school buildings for free, but he didn’t let that stop him from helping his community.

On Nov. 5, the Nampa Valley School District put a $12-million "supplemental levy" proposal before voters. Part of the money raised would have gone toward repairing various facilities in the district, but the levy failed to pass by 10 votes.

Upon learning this, Eric Libby, owner of Ridge Runners Remodeling, offered to provide the materials and labor to reroof the school buildings for free. Unfortunately, due to what school officials said were concerns over liability issues, the school district declined.

"[They told me] 'Because if you fall off the roof, or fall through the roof, or if something happens or the materials you put on fails, we just don’t think that would be the best idea,'" Libby told NBC-affiliate KTVB. “But I also have insurance so I was a little confused."

According to a school district spokesperson, the extent of the repairs is beyond what Libby can donate — repairing or replacing the roof at Skyview High School was estimated around $3.2 million. The district cannot accept gifts above a certain dollar amount as well.

While the district may have turned down his offer, Libby knew someone in the community could use his help. He approached the local Habitat for Humanity and was directed to the home of Caldwell resident Dale King. King had applied to Habitat for Humanity two years ago for roof repairs.

"I had been looking up at the roof and seeing these ruffled shingles and I thought, 'Wow, I don’t know if it’s gonna make it through another winter,'" King told ABC-affiliate KIVI.

It was a perfect opportunity for Libby, who said he likes to take 10 percent of his earnings and give back to the community that supports him. He and his crew repaired King’s roof at no cost to the homeowner.

As for the school’s roofs, KIVI reports that the district will likely have to move money from other funds in the budget to cover its roofing repairs.