Hurricane Dorian may have avoided Florida, but that wasn’t about to stop Ken Kelly, president of Kelly Roofing in Bonita Springs, Fla., from helping those who were devastated by the Category 5 storm.

The licensed pilot has volunteered his time, plane and fuel to fly relief missions to the Bahamas as the wing commander of Angel Flight Southeast. The nonprofit organization, along with the charity pilot organizations it is associated with, have flown 700 missions to the Bahamas and delivered more than 500,000 lbs. of relief supplies as of September.

As a proud supporter of the roofing industry and its members, BNP Media and Roofing Contractor donated $2,500 to Angel Flight Southeast in support of Kelly’s efforts to deliver relief to Hurricane Dorian victims. The check was presented during the 2019 Best of Success conference, where Kelly Roofing was named the 2019 Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year.

“This is unbelievable,” Kelly said of the donation. “This is going to go a long way.”

Dorian is estimated to have caused up to $7 billion in damage in the Bahamas. Kelly has provided aid by delivering much-needed supplies and helping evacuate people who can no longer stay on the island.

“It is worse than what you’re seeing on TV,” Kelly said.

Among those learning about Kelly’s flights at Best of Success were Michael and Linda Olen, owners of O’LYN Roofing of Norwood, Mass. They were so touched by Kelly’s efforts and RC’s donation that they provided a matching donation of $2,500.

“When we heard about what he was doing for the people in the Bahamas we just felt compelled to contribute,” Linda said. “It seems like there is such a need over there, so we felt we needed to do something.”

The donation to Angel Flight Southeast is just one of the many ways O’LYN Roofing gives back. The roofing contractor is affiliated with a local school for children with autism, holds food drives to support food pantries, and organizes an annual charity golf tournament to provide scholarships to families directly affected by cancer.

“I just feel we’ve been very blessed in life, and it’s a moral obligation to give and return,” Linda said.

In addition to disaster relief, Angel Flight Southeast provides free flights to people needing access to far-from-home doctors when commercial flights are unavailable, infeasible or simply too costly.

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